Friday, 1 May 2020

The Long Hard Search for Ebooks in Economics

You may be frustrated, like the Marshall Librarian and team, right now because there are so many textbooks in the shutdown library and we cannot find many of them as ebooks. Rest assured we are working very hard with Ebooks colleagues at the University Library to do what we can.

I thought it might be helpful to explain where we search for available ebooks, so you can see what is available. Please note that some of this access is temporary during the current situation and it may not continue indefinitely.

Here are some tips

Let's start with Cambridge University Press Cambridge Core ebooks

There is certainly one of our textbooks available here in full text: Prof. Oliver Linton's Financial Econometrics

It could also be worth looking through the whole Economics and Econometrics sections and just browsing what is available too. Putting the term "Economics" in the search box brings up over 2000 items, some of which are full ebooks and some of which are book chapters. Cambridge Core also provides Elements, which are longer form articles. You may well find something useful here.

Another useful University Press is Oxford Univesity Press. It is worth searching for their content on Oxford Scholarship Online:
Using the search box on the top right hand side also searches several other University Partner Presses, so you can widen your search beyond OUP. Again it is worth searching for "Economics", "Macroeconomics", "Microeconomics" and "Econometrics" here to see what content they do have available.

Other places that are worth looking through are the EBSCO ebook Academic Collection, which contains (192,000 academic titles) and Proquest Academic Complete which has 180,000 plus titles.
EBSCO (this is a trial)


Please do remember we are happy to source and purchase what you need if it is available so do continue to contact us at or email me ( or Simon Frost directly if you need help with ebooks.

Both of these sites will prompt you to login to Raven to gain access. You can also search by topic as with Oxford Scholarship Online and Cambridge Core above. Proquest also gives you the option to browse by subject.