Thursday, 18 December 2014

2014 – looking back

J. Hagelberg; photo: D. Ridge
The following is my attempt to look back at 2014, seeing what happened at the Marshall Library, and to say thanks to my colleagues who have worked extremely hard in the last 12 months.

We pick up the J.C. & G.B. Hagelberg collection; not all volumes were suitable to be added to the Marshall Library holdings, but some gems have been kept.
Our colleagues Lisa and Oksana visit some other libraries to get ideas for a possible new Issue Desk at the Marshall.
Introducing up to 50 online renewals, and allowing readers to renew vacation loans (one of the many ideas Simon Frost has had, and which we implemented).

cover of ebook / 31 A 62 Euro
We buy e-credits for ‘Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets’, European edition, Matthews/Giuliodori/Mishkin which will become the most-used ebook for 2014-15 in Cambridge.
Marshall Library Survey is launched.

Thanks to Lisa’s design skills, and Alfred Marshall encouraging our readers, our campaign to get more recommendations for new books is launched.
Upgrading our subscription of the UN Comtrade platform to ‘Premium access’ allows virtual unlimited downloads of data sets.

Free photocopies of reading list materials are being made available; some of these former counter items are still available 
Easter Term Sunday Opening Trial - for 6 out of 7 Sundays in term time - is moderately successful.
Further improvements to borrowing are introduced, primarily helping readers to be able to renew overdue books.

New Library Mug, design L. Wilkens
Extra exam support: opening Mon-Fri at 8:30 between 26 May 2014 and 13 June 2014 was a cost-neutral attempt to support our students more (another of Simon Frost’s ideas).
Library Survey Highlights published:; students want an area where they can eat (the 'Social Area' is created in October 2014) and a dedicated group study space (still to do!); see also
A design for a new Marshall Library mug – several designs provided by Lisa – is voted on, and has been available since June 2014:

Social Area, October 2014
Focus Group session of Library users – some very interesting suggestions are made by those students attending (e.g. high tables to sit at and eat; implemented). A lot of food for thought for us.
joining forces with the UL and the Judge Business School we start a subscription to a new eresource: Bankscope.

IT colleagues improve WIFI access in the Library (as requested in the Library survey): 

Alfred Marshall's grave in August 2014
Stock take reports 15 missing books in Open Shelf / Short Loan areas, of which of today (18 December 2014) 10 were found (thank you, Anita, Simon Frost, and Sue!), and 5 are still not accounted for; to be on the safe side we have replaced 2 of the books which are missing. We also use this time to work on converting some of our collection to a new category: Short Loans.
We also visit Alfred Marshall’s grave. Marshall died 90 years ago. For some photographic evidence of our visit see

Old OPAC desk area
MPhil inductions are keeping Simon Frost and myself busy. New carpet tiles arrive and are fitted on a very long Saturday…
With the help of our great Custodians (Nathan and Gordon), almost all of the IT crew, and Simon Morris and Simon Frost we manage to dismantle and dispose of our old Issue Desk and various bits of furniture (after a long search for a new good home for bits of the furniture one or two longer “pieces” end up as a counter for a local catering company!)

Marshall Library, Issue Desks
Social Area, October 2014
New furniture for Issue Desk area and Social area arrives and is installed (see Lisa Wilkens’ post about this at 
Economy of Reality-Maintenance installed; AnnaMaria Kardos (the artist) gives a talk in our library (see
Inductions and tours for undergraduates and Diploma students (Economics) and MPhil & PhD students (Development Studies); almost every member of the team is involved!
More significant changes to borrowing are made: 
Increase in Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9 am to 9pm (not only 7pm) and Sat, as a trial for Michaelmas Term 2014, from 11 am to 6pm (not only 1-5pm).

Promotional Material re MT 2015 opening hours, L. Wilkens
Annual Careers Event in Library
A member of the Faculty is interviewed for a university podcast in our Archives Room (watch this space for more details in 2015!)

Economy of Reality-Maintenance installation is taken down.
Our Christmas Trees are going up.

Wishing you all a relaxing break, and a good start into 2015!