Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Remote Access to E-resources - some useful tips!

 If you are working at home or are remote from Cambridge here are some tips to help you.

  1.  LEAN LIBRARY - Download Lean Library to help you access book chapters and articles. It should also flag alternative access to ebooks where we have access to ebooks via different routes. Once installed in your browser links you automatically to your article via IP and subscription access. If a subscription is not available it will link you to suitable Open Access versions 
  2. BROWZINE - a new tablet application (iOS & Android) where you can browse, read and follow thousands of scholarly journals available to you thanks to the University’s subscriptions or on open access.  You can also use Browzine on your desktop. You can download Browzine for iOS or Android devices via the App store.
  3. BROWZINE LIBKEY NOMAD is a browser extension that links you to full text articles available from Cambridge University Libraries, like Lean Library it will offer OA alternatives where subscriptions are not available but it does not provide this service for ebooks.